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Full Disclosure: A Weird Request

So last night I met a guy on Tinder. And let me tell you, the first thing I said to him was that I didn’t think I was good-looking enough for him. He looks like a fitness model. Think Taylor Lautner meets a California punk band bass player. This child is stunning. And while I love myself and I think I’m a decently attractive girl, I’m certainly not on that level by any means. He just laughed it off and said I was crazt, then asked me to text him. Who am I to turn down this fitness spikey-haired god of a man? So I did.
At first things were normal. Just some getting-to-know-you chat with the occasional sexual innuendo. I also asked him for a picture of his face just to make sure that I wasn’t being catfished. He was amicable and fine with everything, and for half an hour we just talked made small talk. But then things took a turn for the weird.
I wouldn’t even write about this if it wasn’t one of the most interesting sexual requests I’ve ever heard. At first the sexting was the usual stuff, all about what he wanted to do and what I liked. I humored him because of his good looks, which I’m ashamed to say, and if you think I’m a bad person that’s fine, but I’m not holding back here. The request came in a usual form at first. A LOT of guys are into the idea of a threesome. I’ve been asked by a fair few if I would ever consider it, to which I usually answer a flat “no” (I get really jealous, so another girl in the picture would just be a little too much for me). But when ModelBoy asked, I said, “with who?” trying to prolong our tiny baby relations as long as possible before I nipped them in the bud. He sent me a picture of a good-looking guy on the beach. Now usually guys aren’t into bringing other guys into the picture, but I’m pretty sexually open, and I was super intrigued.
“Who is he?” I asked.
“My brother,” he replied.
I’m serious. This isn’t a lie. And for a second I was lost for words, which is a massive feat for me.
“Oh… okay?” I know, such an eloquent thing to say. But this was the strangest thing I’ve ever been asked. I really did want to know more, so I asked about it. At first I thought he was just joking, but he went into a lot of detail about wanting to watch his brother bang me. I kind of just let him talk about it, since it was obviously turning him on, but at this point I was kind of checked out of the conversation. When he finished with his fantasy he said, “how does that sound to you?”
“Uhm… we can talk about it.”
“Okay cool :)”
So that’s that. I agreed to talk to the most attractive guy who has ever been interested in me in my life about having a threesome with his brother…
Am I going to do it? NO. Of course not. I don’t think. I’m pretty sure.
Am I going to go out with him? Hell yes. Call me shallow, call me materialistic, call me what you want, but I would be stupid to not meet up with him at least once. Besides, everyone has their weird little kinks, right? We’d be lying if we said we didn’t, and other than the obvious he seems like a nice guy.
I’ll keep you updated on if he really is a man-model, on if he really is as kinky as he has so far let on, and if he pays for dinner or not 😉
Until then, stay tuned!


10 First Date Essentials I ALWAYS Keep in my Purse

A lot of times my friends ask me what to put in their cute purses for a first date. Here are my MUST HAVE first date items that I never leave home without on a first date!

  1. Emergency Cash. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have to ditch your date because he or she is getting too fresh, or worse, their car breaks down (yes this has happened to me before) you might have to hail a cab! I usually take an extra $20 in my wallet just in case!
  2. My ID. Also a no-brainer. I love myself a good margarita, so don’t forget it at home, ladies!!
  3. Mascara. I once read to never walk out the door without mascara on. Since I was a teenager I have taken this to heart, and I always have a tube on me. What if you go to a sad movie and cry your eyes out at the end?! Just excuse yourself to the bathroom and reapply!
  4. Lipstick or chapstick. Since you’re probably going to be eating or drinking SOMEthing on the date, make sure to bring lipstick to reapply! And if lipstick isn’t your thing, bring chapstick to keep those lips soft and smooth, just in case he or she is cute and you wanna kiss them!
  5. Breath mints or gum. In the same vein as the above post, to keep that breath fresh!
  6. Travel-sized deodorant or perfume. I recommend this for my outdoor dates, like putt-putt! They have cute little travel sizes in lots of stores like Target or Wal Mart! Just excuse yourself to go freshen up!
  7. Pepper-spray. My best friend has a cute little pink one on her keychain. I may seem paranoid, but safety is always first on dates, especially if you’re going to be out late and your drove yourself. If your date doesn’t walk you to your car, then it’s really nice to have some kind of protection!
  8. Bobby pins. We’ve all been there. You go out dancing with your date or your friends and your hair looks great, then 20 minutes later you go into the bathroom and it’s a total mess! Bobby pins are a LIFE SAVER! You can throw your hair into a cute undo or a half-up, half-down style, then continue on dancing!!
  9. A book. This may seem a little off, but I’m a huge reader. If your date keeps you waiting or needs to go outside for a smoke and your phone is about to die, just whip out a book and entertain yourself for a few minutes! This has come in handy with me a surprising amount of times.
  10. A sweater. Usually I keep this in my car (or their car if they drove you), but I find it’s considerate to bring a sweater that goes with your outfit, just in case you’re out later than you thought and it gets chilly! It’s better you both be warm than he gives you his jacket and freezes to death!

Alright guys, these are the 10 most essential things I bring on dates! I hope you enjoyed reading them! Let me know what YOU can’t leave home without on your dates in the comments, and tell me if I missed any!!


First Things First

I guess this is where I introduce myself. Hi, my name is Kelly. I’m a 23-year-old almost-graduate and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with my life. I’m the classic ugly ducking story–I was a tomboy in middle school who never got asked to dance, turned into a high school athlete who was never asked to prom or on a date. Then, in college, something changed. Probably my eyebrows, mostly. But all of a sudden, I wasn’t the ugly girl anymore. Guys were interested in me, so much so that I didn’t realize when I was being flirted with or asked out on a date. Since then, I’ve gotten the hang of dating, and I’m here to share my stories, tips and tricks, and any other experiences I have with you all! I hope you like the blog and feel free to leave me comments!

A constant in my life since I was around 18 has been my serial dating habits. I don’t even know how I got to be a serial dater (I think Tinder had a lot to do with it), but for the last seven years I’ve kind of been stuck this way, and honestly it’s not the worst thing in the world. I get my food paid for a lot. I get to go out with cute guys who drive me around the city and usually are up for a good time. I have over 2,700 Tinder matches, so when I’m having a boring weekend, I usually just text one up and ask them out for drinks. It’s usually a good time, but I’ve definitely had some strange occurrences in my day!

Overall, I want it to be clear that I’m not trying to hurt anyone. These guys are just up for casual dating (not hookups… okay sometimes hookups but not too often) which they make clear before we go out. Unlike a lot of my friends in the south at age 23, I just don’t feel the need to settle down any time soon, and after my parents’ divorce I’m about as excited for marriage as I am for my next gyno appointment. So if you’d like to hear some fun dating stories (like the time I witnessed a shooting on a double-date, or the time I unknowingly went out with a semi-famous country-music guitarist) watch this space and join me on this fun dating adventure!